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We will be constantly updating this site, and we have built it with that in mind! You're about to enter an area where we examine life's many mysteries, in hopes of finding an answer or two. This atmosphere may not be amenable to some (in which case, ...sorry we missed you), but we hope others will find something here of interest.

As time goes by, we will be offering Lectures, Divinations and Readings, Books and Art, as well as associated materials (to be announced). During our development, please check back with us now and then, to see what's New!

We realize that some of our graphics are "time intensive" and we encourage you to turn off the graphics option on your browser (if you can find it), if it becomes bothersome to you. We are reducing the size of the files that we can, and that should help speed things up a bit. Text is being added on a regular basis, so, if your field of interest seems "Spartan" right now,'s only temporary.

This site has Message Boards. It also has Chat rooms free for you to meet your friends here. As our numbers grow, we expect this to become a friendly place for many of us to come to!.

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