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Some people call them "Extra" Terrestrials, but, I figure they've been living here for so long (even if they're from another planet!), the generations that have lived here can be referred to as *neighbors*! <G>

Even if they are *illegal* aliens, they've got rights too! ...I mean, haven't we learned yet that ALL life has value?

But wait... Let me get down off this Soap Box for a minute, and we can talk about *THEM*.

....Where to start though?(!)

What about those UFO's...?

We (Christel and Myself), want to know more about things like the uses of light and color to communicate. What Sub and Ultra Sonic (or infra red and x-ray light) sources, could be used as a means of communicating? What are we *missing*?

Perhaps Symbolisim plays a bigger part than we may think? ...Those Crop Circles are pretty compelling??

Share your thoughts in our Discussion Groups, and someone will share their thoughts with you!

....Ultra Communication, you might say....!! <G>

One of the ways that the CSETI organization is attempting to communicate, is by trying to get the "attention" of one of these craft and try to "talk" to the inhabitants.

There are so many other organizations involved in "Other Life Forms" that we can't list them all in this website. You can get a more comprehensive list by going to one of our Affiliates in the UFO fields. ...But if you go visit them, please come back here and visit us (...and share what you learned with others here!)

Leave a message/question/comment in the Communications Discussion Group!



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