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Rune Stones

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Just a little background about Rune Stones...

Generally considered to be of Nordic origin, these symbols had religious interpretations associated with them since their creation.

At one time, an attempt was made, in the name of Christianity, to destroy all traces of the "Devil Stones" and their evil teachings. ...The fact that the teachings were benign had no bearing on the systematic erradication of an ancient and revered form of communication and worship.

For our purposes, and purely for entertainment, we "consult the stones" to help guide us in our journey through life. It's varied ancient symbolisims give a certain contact with the *ancient* in us, that is, somehow, reassuring.

To "Cast the Stones" over a question, is to get a *second opinion* that is unbiased in any way. The oldest Rune Stones were also used for such things as making a person fall in love! By writing a mark on the stone, then "Casting" it into the lap of your desired mate, it would make them fall in love with you!

From one, to all of the stones may be used in a divination, and there are several patterns in which to place them. And, as with many other forms of divination, when intuition is stirred into the mix, "Reading" the stones can be quite a challenge!

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