Lost Civilizations
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Lost Civilizations



Scientists are changing their mind about the history of Mankind. We're discovering more and more proof of the existence of a thriving Civilization (or Civilizations) prior to our present Recorded History.

Technologically, we just don't know what they knew. We suspect that they may have been as "advanced" as we are now. ...Perhaps even more advanced! The possibility of advancements in fields of science that we have no knowledge of, is interesting indeed!

Today, we live on a world with many cultures, and a wide diversity of interests. Why is it so hard to believe that the world was once populated with as many people as we have now, ...knowing about the same thing we know. ...Perhaps they even new it was coming (...as we do now), yet chose to ignore the signs, ...as we do now.

If we don't do something NOW, we may end up as a Lost World to the future inhabitants of this little island, Earth.




Aasguard (Asgård)




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