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Scriptures for Essential Oils

The following Scriptures were obtained using Strong's Exhaustive
Concordance. This list is not a complete list of all scripture pertaining to
Essential Oils. These are some of the ones that I have found to be most

Frankincense Myrrh

Exodus 30:34 Genesis 37:25
Leviticus 2:1-2 Genesis 43:11
Leviticus 6:15 Exodus 30:23
Leviticus 24:7 Esther 2:12
Numbers 5:15 Psalms 45:8
1 Chronicles 9:29 Song of Solomon 1:13
Nehemiah 13:5 Song of Solomon 3:6
Nehemiah 13:9 Song of Solomon 4:6
Song of Solomon 3:6 Song of Solomon 4:14
Song of Soloman 4:6 Song of Solomon 5:1
Matthew 2:11 Song of Solomon 5:5
Revelation 18:13 Song of Solomon 5:13
Matthew 2:11
Mark 15:23
Hyssop John 19:39

Exodus 12:22
Leviticus 14:4-6 General Scriptures
Leviticus 14:49-51
Numbers 19:6 Exodus 29:7
Numbers 19:18 Exodus 30:31
1Kings 4:33 Exodus 35:28
Psalms 51:7 Leviticus 2:15
John 19:29 Isaiah 61:3
Hebrews 9:19 Mark 6:13

"How blessed is the man who finds wisdom,
And the man who gains understanding."
Proverbs 3:13

Peace and Good Health,


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Essential Oils & The Mind

The mind has to be taken into consideration, in order for any holistic approach to healing, to be successful. Healing can only be complete if it takes place both in the body & the mind. Many convential methods often overlook this part of healing. The healing is up to the individual, the therapist can only be a facilatator. Knowing what we can do for ourselves, when we are mentally unbalanced, can be great for our entire being. Essential Oils can have a big effect on our mental state & this can affect our health & well being.

Our hormones can have a balancing effect on emotional situations. Our hormones can be stimulated with certain EO's. Lethary can be relieved by diffusing certain oils or by using them in the bath. There are also sedative oils that may be used in the bath after a stressful day to help you relax.

There are many oils that help the mind clear & enhance our memory. There are a number of emotional & mental conditions that the oils can help us rebalance. Some oils may cause skin irritation so you have to be careful before you use them.

Many of the EO's can be stimulating & uplifting. A scent has to be pleasing to you, in order for you to gain any benefits from it. This is why oils vary from person to person.

When using the EO's for depression, it is important to know the cause of the depression, in order to choose the right oils. Depression comes from many causes & presents itself differently in everyone. For lethargic people, you would not use an oil with sedative properties. For restlessness then an oil with sedative properties would be good.

Anxiety is also a problem in our society. It shows up in many ways and is very closely related to stress. In order for anxiety to be controlled you must have a relaxing enviroment. Many EO's are helpful for calming nerves & lowering blood pressure.

Stress is a killer & is high on on the list of problems that our society deals with. Disease, injury & worry all fit into the catergory of stress. Stress can unbalance our hormones. Stress can wreck havoc on our bodies & minds. The use of certain EO's can create a peaceful & serene enviroment. A few drops of EO's placed on your pillow at night can be soothing & helps with getting you to sleep.

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The ego would have you believe that you could possibly heal others. It would convince you that you had some "special" power or gift that could override the will or the mind of the patient or client. You could easily be deceived into labeling yourself as a "Healer" or "Famous" or SuperDooper. You could even find yourself making claims that the oils cured or healed this condition or this disease or that ailment.

The TRUTH is that when the patient no longer has need for a condition, his MIND will do the healing or release or wholeness and LET GO OF THE CONDITION. He created the dis-ease for his learning and his growth and his enlightenment (conscious or unconscious). You are but an agent or vehicle or channel that is being used by Spirit or Source for him to accept his healing. Or to receive your love so he "gets" his own love or light and IS HEALED.

The sooner we get our ego out of the way when serving our brothers and sisters. The sooner we have no investment in the outcome or attachment to the results. The sooner they will become well and can rejoin us in serving others and HAVING FUN IN LIVING. LOVE YOURSELF AND PASS IT ON.

One of the great joys of gardening is just sitting in the quiet of the evening to admire and contemplate the plant world.

I wonder how many of us fully appreciate essential oils for what they represent. There is no equal to their life force found anywhere else on Earth. Unless a plant is injured or malnourished for lack of food and water, it is never sick. It does not succumb to internal disease. The next time you have occasion to look (I mean really look) at the plant kingdom, notice its perfection. Single out a plant and touch it's stem and leaves. Feel it's texture. Then think of all you know about essential oils.

As the world speeds by in search of the next wonder drug, while the masses sit in the waiting room to get their next prescription, the kingdom of the plant world waits patiently to be discovered for it's healing, life-giving qualities.

We are in the midst of a health revolution in the making. The day will come when our grand-children will look back upon the 20th century as the dark ages of modern medicine. They will wonder why we died so young from disease and foolish medical modalites, when the answer all along was lying right at our feet.

Peace and good health.


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Essential Oils and Oxygen

So much has been said of late about the therapeutic qualities of essential oils, we've tended to overlook one of their greatest and most obvious assets. OXYGEN.

Most people take the air they breathe and the oxygen they need to survive for granted. Even fewer people understand the vital role oxygen plays in maintaining a healthy body, free of disease.

A Startling Revelation:

Recently, when scientists analyzed air bubbles trapped in fossilized amber, they were stunned. The trapped air had an oxygen content of 38%. By comparison, the air we breathe today has an average oxygen content of from 19 to 21%. 50% less oxygen than the ancient bubble of air found in the amber.

This discovery is startling to researchers, because it suggests the human body was designed to function at a 50% stronger concentration of oxygen than what we have now. These figures become even more alarming when we realise the oxygen levels in the air over many cities is even lower measured at from 12% to 15%. It is generally accepted that human life cannot be supported with air containing less than 7% oxygen.

Oxygen Deficiency Is Linked To Disease:

Leading researchers see a direct correlation between decreases of oxygen levels and concurrent increases in chronic degenerative diseases of all sorts.

Dr. Otto Warburg, two-time Nobel Laurate and Winner of the Nobel Award for Cancer Research, linked oxygen, or the lack of it directly to cancer. Specifically, his research revealed that cancer cells can only thrive when the cells become oxygen deficient. He wrote; "Cancer has only one prime cause. It is the replacement of normal oxygen respiration of the body's cells by anaerobic cell respiration."

Many other researchers now believe Dr. Warburg was correct. Dr. Norman McVea states;

"Insufficient oxygen means insufficient biological energy that can result in anything from mild fatigue to life-threatening disease. The evidence is overwhelming. Oxygen plays a powerful role in our health and well-being. The more oxygen we have in our system, the more energy we produce. Understanding this is more important today than ever before, because of a general deficiency of oxygen intake. Simply put, the best way to optimize health is to be sure that we oxygenate every cell of our body."

Dr. Stephen Levine, a renowned molecular biologist and geneticist, has concluded from his own research that the lack of oxygen at the cellular level is not only the foundational cause of not just cancer, but of all chronic degenerative disease. In his book, Oxygen Deficiency: A Con-comitant to All Degenerative Illness, Dr. Levine states;

"In all serious disease states we find a comitant low oxygen state...Low Oxygen in the body tissues is a sure indicator for disease. Hypoxia, or lack of oxygen in the tissues, is the fundamental cause for all degenerative disease."

Unfortunately, the lack of oxygenated air is not the only way in which we have become oxygen deficient. Our diet of the foods we eat, stress and acidic overload all add to our growing oxygen deficiency. Junk food is low in oxygen and high in toxic chemicals and preservatives. Physical and emotional stress rob the body of much needed oxygen. And a chronic acidic system causes the body to draw down its precious reserve of oxygen.

The oxygen content in a healthy human body is roughly three times that of the oxygen content in the air. Pathogens, cannot live in such an oxygen rich enviroment. But as the body becomes oxygen deficient, it opens the door to invasion for every kind of harmful bacteria, virus, fungus and parasite. ALL anaerobic disease causing micro-organisms (Anaerobic meaning they live and proliferate best in bodies where there is little or no oxygen).

Researcher Ed McCabe, author of Oxygen Therapies: A New Way of Approaching Disease explains;

"Because you have a low oxygen condition in your cells, these foreign pathogens find it easy to invade your body. They grow and form colonies, and excrete toxins that make you sick or sometimes give you a fever, or a sore throat, or a runny nose, or arthritis, or cancer, or AIDS, orC hronic Fatigue Syndrome, or herpes, or candidia, or acold, etc, etc. The reason they can grow in you, rob your body of energy and produce disease is because of the low oxygen level in your cells. In short, they grow in you because the traditional sources of oxygen for our bodies air, food and water can no longer supply all the oxygen we need to live long and healthy lives."

The bottom line in a long list of accepted research on the subject is that OXYGEN DEFICIENCY IS THE PRIME CAUSE for much, if not most of modern day disease. The human body today, without an adequate supply of life-giving oxygen, cannot function in a disease-free state.
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Essential Oils...Nature's Answer to Oxygen Deficiency:

If there is any one BIG reason for you to use essential oils everyday, it can be summed up in one word. OXYGEN! Essential oils are loaded (concentrated) with it, at least 50 times more oxygen than what the plants give off from which they are derived.

While essential oils may contain hundreds of different elements, three primary elements common to all oils are hydrogen, carbon and OXYGEN. So each time you inhale essential oils or apply them to your body, you are enriching your body with needed oxygen to purge toxins and fight off disease causing pathogens. This is why the use of essential oils on a daily basis can help you develop a superior immune system, and why people who use the oils (several times daily) seldom experience illness and disease.

One of the incredible aspects of essential oils is their ability to penetrate and carry nutrients through the cell wall to the cell nucleous. Dr. Radwan Farag, Ph.D., head of the bio-chemistry department at Cairo University, is the man accredited for documenting the oxygenating and antioxidant activity essential oils afford.

When the viscosity of blood is reduced, it's velosity increases. By increasing its velosity, our blood is able to deliver greater amounts of oxygen to tissues. When essential oils are introduced to the blood stream, they increase circulation, thereby increasing oxygenation.

As the blood delivers nutrients and oxygen to the cells for feeding, it is the oxygenating molecules that penetrate and carry nutrients through the cell wall to the cell nucleous for feeding and oxidation.

As the body grows oxygen deficient, individual cells begin to suffer. Without adequate oxygen, cells become nutritonally starved and become a garbage pit for waste and toxins, Deprived of nutrition, the cell protects itself by thickening its outer wall making nutrient delivery even more difficult. This in turn causes cell deterioration, which can lead to cell mutation. It is in this state that the body becomes a host for disease causing pathogens.

Due to their high oxygen content, essential oils are natures most effective catalyst and delivery agent for feeding cells. Rich in oxygen, they pass through the thickest cell walls with the greatest of ease (to maintain or begin a restorative process)
This is just one of many ways in which essential oils help us. Because of their vast complexity and human individuality, modern science is just now beginning to realize we have only scratched the surface in understanding how essential oils work and interact within the human body.

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Essential Oils Info

What you are about to read will astound the lay person, and wrinkle the eye-brow of physicians trained in orthodox medicine. Imagine reversing diabetes, M.S., cancer, AIDS, and curing many common ailments, all without the aid of drugs or surgery. Imagine the ability to virtually disease-proof your life.

You are about to discover the world of 100% Pure Grade A Essential Oils, God's gift to mankind for healing. In their pure state essential oils contain powerful HEALING SUBSTANCES so powerful, they are rated as the MOST POWERFUL IMMUNE-STIMULATING PROPERTIES of any natural substance known to man.

In Fact, DOCUMENTED scientific research shows Essential Oils are the MOST POWERFUL and EFFECTIVE way to fight and revere major illnesses. These clinical studies show Essential Oils are;

Immune-stimulating Anti-viral Anti-infectious
Anti-bacterial Anti-microbial Anti-septic
Anti-tumoral Anti-fungal Anti-parasitic

Best of all, they are freely available, without prescription. Physicians and researchers should take note: This is not some folklore fairy tale, but hard copy research backed by over 6,000 years of use. Consider, Essential Oils are regarded by many as God's gift to a world in need, noting many references to the use of these oils in scripture.

Unless you are already familiar with these incredible oils, this will be unlike anything you have ever read or heard before. Incredible is more the word, and yet absolutely true!

Do not confuse these therapeutic oils with grades #4 and #5 oils sold in health food stores and salons. Those oils are merely fragrances often 'pawned off' as pure essential oils. In order to retain their therapeutic value so necessary for our good health and well being, the oils must remain pure and unadulterated. Commercial grade oils lose their therapeutic value when cut with solvents, or chemicals are added in the extraction process.
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The Plagues of Europe:

Essential oils were not produced in Europe until the 12th century. Although Medieval Europeans lost touch with personal cleanliness, which helped bring on the great plagues of the 13th and 14th centuries, essential oils are still known and talked about in relationship to the thieves who robbed the bodies of the dead and were not infected. These robbers, known as spice traders and perfumers, bathed in such oils as pine, frankincense, balsam, clove, cinnamon and rosemary. Imagine the knowledge and trust they must have had in the oils, that they were willing to expose themselves to an otherwise certain death.

Throughout early history, the ancients knew the value of essential oils. What happened to the information about these oils? Perhaps during the Dark Ages and the burning of the libraries in Alexandria and other places, much of this knowledge was lost. It has only been through the cosmetic and perfume industry that this valuable science has started to re-surface.
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In 1920, a French cosmetic chemist named Rene-Maurice Gattefosse, Ph.D., while working in his laboratory, had an accident that resulted in third degree thermal burn of his hand and forearm. He plunged his arm into a vat of lavender oil, thinking that it was water. To his surprise, the burning slowly decreased and then stopped within a few moments. Over a period of time, with the continual application of lavender oil, the burn healed completely without a trace of a scar.

As a chemist, Dr. Gattefosse analyzed the essential oil of lavender and discovered that it contained many substances referred to as chemical constituents. As a result of this, he determined that essential oils contained tremendous healing properties.
He shared his experience with his colleague and friend, Dr. Jean Valnet, a medical doctor in Paris, France. During World War II, while serving as a medical physician in the French Army at the China Wall, treating war victims, Dr. Valnet ran out of antibiotics, so he decided to try using essential oils. To his amazement, they had a powerful effect in reducing and even stopping the infection, and he was able to save many of the soldiers who otherwise might have died even with antibiotics.

Dr. Valnet had two students who did their internship with him who were responsible for expanding his work. Dr. Paul Belaiche and Dr. Jean Claude Lapraz. They discovered that essential oils contain antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal and antiseptic properties as well as being powerful oxygenators with the ability to act as carrying agents in the delivery of nutrients INTO the cells of the body.

One of the causes of disease in both plants and the human body is the inability of nutrients to penetrate the cell wall. Unless there is an adequate delivery agent to assist the cell to receive needed nutrients, the cell becomes deprived of nutrition, its wall thickens, preventing delivery of nutrients. This causes cell deterioration, leading to cell mutation, creating a host for bacteria and disease. If your food supplement program has seemingly hit a "wall of limitation," it may be for the above reason.

One of the many incredible aspects of the oils is their amazing ability to penetrate and carry nutrients through the cell wall to the cell nucleus. They literally "fly" through the thickest cell walls. This is so due to the oxygenating molecules found in the oils which transport the nutrients, then delivers them through the cell for feeding the nucleus. The oils are nature's most effective catalyst and delivery agent for feeding cells.
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The effectiveness of essential oils cannot be fully under- stood without some understanding of frequency. Frequency is the measurable rate of electrical energy flow that is constant between any two points. Everything has frequency. Dr. Robert O. Becker in his book "The Body Electric" establishes that the human body has an electrical frequency and that much about a person's health can be determined by it.

In 1992, Bruce Taino of Taino Technology, an independent division of Eastern State University in Cheny, Washington, built the first frequency monitor in the world. Taino has determined that the average frequency of a healthy human body during the day time is 62 to 68 Hz. When the frequency drops, the immune system is compromised. If the frequency drops to 58 Hz, cold and flu symptoms appear; at 55 Hz, diseases like Candida take hold; at 52 Hz, Epstein Bar and at 42 Hz, Cancer. Taino's machine was certified as 100 percent accurate and is currently being used in the agricultural field today.

According to Dr. Royal R. Rife, every disease has a frequency. He has found that certain frequencies can prevent the development of disease and that others would destroy diseases. Substances of higher frequency will destroy diseases of lower frequency.

The study of frequencies raises an important question, con- cerning the frequencies of substances we eat, breathe and absorb. Many pollutants lower healthy frequency. Processed or canned food has a frequency of zero. Fresh produce has up to 15 Hz; dry herbs from 12 to 22 Hz; and fresh herbs from 20 to 27 Hz. It would seem we need a source of higher frequencies to maintain our good health.

Essential oil frequencies start at 52 Hz and go as high as 320 Hz, which is the frequency of Rose Oil. Clinical research shows that essential oils have the highest frequency of any natural substance known to man, creating an environment in which disease, bacteria, virus, fungus, etc., CANNOT LIVE.

Research by Dr. Gary Young, a world renown researcher in the field of essential oils, has shown that if the frequency of the right and left brain lobes varied more than 3 Hz, a headache would begin. If the frequency varied more than 10 Hz, a substantial or migraine-type headache would develop.

By combining an oil formula composed of Helichrysum, Chamomile, and Lavender and through simple inhalation, Dr. Young discovered the frequency of the head could be balanced and return to normal within a few seconds.

In another experiment the frequency of a young man, 26 years old, while holding a cup of coffee, dropped in three seconds to 58 Hz. Without the use of oils, it took three days to go back up to normal.

Another young man, 24 years old, drank the coffee, and in three seconds his frequency dropped to 52 Hz. When he inhaled a blend of oils, his frequency returned to normal in 21 seconds.

There is still much research to be conducted, but the premise is if we can keep the body frequency high enough and well oxygenated, we will be free of disease.
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Further research has shown that with their immune-stimulating properties, essential oils enhance and support the building of the immune system, whether they be inhaled or rubbed on the body topically. Even those who contract a cold or the flu recover 70 percent faster using essential oils.

Diffusing the Oils Into the Atmosphere:

Perhaps one of the greatest attributes of essential oils is their ability to purify the air we breathe. When diffused in the home they release oxygenating molecules into the atmosphere where they stay suspended for several hours to destroy and prevent bacteria, fungus, mold, and freshen the air with natural fragrances. In addition to removing dust from the air, the diffused oils allow us to breathe in their wonderful antiviral, antibacterial and antiseptic properties.

This is the most perfect way to improve our home environment, either to help us relax, relieve tension and headaches, dispel odors, or just create an atmosphere of peace and harmony. If you have children, or suffer from Emphysema, Sinusitis, Asthma, and allergies, diffusing essential oils into your home will make an essential difference for you and your family's health.

Topical Application of the Oils:

There is a misconception that pure essential oils should first be diluted before applying them topically on the skin. Pure oils, with the exception of those containing the chemical constituent known as "phenol," (such as with cinnamon, clove or oregano) may be applied "neat" (undiluted) directly on the skin.

When applied to the body by rubbing on the feet, essential oils penetrate the skin and travel (via the bloodstream) throughout the body and affect every cell, including the hair, within 20 minutes. They may have a lasting effect for as long as five months from only one application. The oils do not build up and store in the body because they are very subtle and volatile, having a high evaporation rate. Because of their chemical structure, they are metabolized like other nutrients in the cells.

In addition to the feet, the oils may be applied directly to affected areas of the body, such as to joints, muscle and tendons needing relief from aches and pain. Dr. Gary Young, has discovered the oil from Helichrysum, Birch, Clove and Peppermint when combined will take pain away in a manner of moments.


Aromatherapy means to treat with aroma through inhalation. Essential oils, because of their fragrance and volatility, have been reported to help create greater spiritual, physical and emotional harmony when inhaled.

The olfactory, that part of our nose responsible for odor detection, sends impulses created by various odors to the amygdala, which is the memory center of our brain for fear and trauma. It was only discovered in 1989 that the amygdala plays a major role in the storing and releasing of emotional trauma, and only odor or fragrance stimulation has a profound affect in triggering a response with this gland. Fragrance is one of man's greatest enjoyments, bringing back memories of past experiences and creating a feeling of security, grounding, and well-being. Dr. Joseph Ledoux, of New York Medical University, feels that this could be a major break-through in releasing emotional trauma.
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