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Jetlag & EO's

Essential oils can alleviate symptoms of jet-lag such as fatigue, nervousness and irritability. Before embarking on your journey, prepare a pre-flight aromatic bath with the following formula:

1 drop geranium oil
2 drops lavender oil
1 drop lemongrass oil
2.5 ml base oil

Geranium is an excellent nerve tonic, and helps redress any imbalances in the central nervous system where our sensory perceptions are registered.

If you arrive at your destination ready for bed but find that the local time is not near your usual bed-time, try to stay awake for a few hours, retiring for bed at the time you would if at home. If you use the following formula in your bath for the next three days, you will soon adjust to your new environment:

1 drop chamomile oil
1 drop geranium oil
1 drop lavender oil
2.5 ml base oil

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EO'S are probably a little bit more effective in carrier oils

Each oil has a different voscosity/volatility, but they all evaporate rather rapidly. That is the nature of "essential" in the oils. In other words, they evaporate.

When applied directly to the skin, they evaporate more or less rapidly. When mixed with a carrier oil, the essence will not evaporate quite so quickly. They will still penetrate the skin, though, as will the carrier oil also a little bit.

What we may think of as the oils "drying" in the skin is actually their penetrating and evaporating. What doesn't penetrate quickly enough will evaporate, and thereby be effectively lost.

The carrier oils will not only hold the oils on the skin longer, it will also give a slower rate of penetration a "timed release" effect.

All in all, it *is* better to use carrier oils for most purposes.

As an antiseptic on an open wound, or on a burn, of course we would want full strength for max rapidity. Otherwise there are only occasional special reasons to use them neat.

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Foot Spray

EO recipe for foot spray.

5 Drops Peppermint eo(to cool and deodorise)
5 Drops Comphrey(for healthy skin and bone structure)
2 drops Arnica (to prevent bruising and pain)
3 drops Benzoin(anti bacterial)
5 drops Teetree(antifungal)
5 Drops Witchazel to (deter blisters and cool)
10 mls Alcohol(high Proof Vodka if hard to come by)
100 mls Sterile water

Mix oils with alcohol then add water

DO NOT use if Pregnant.


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I would recommend you do not give this dough to small children as they
have a tendency to think everything is edible, or at least should be, and if
its not it will fit into the VCR.

Ingredients: 1 cup flour, 1 cup warm water, 2tsp. cream of tartar, 1tsp.
cooking oil, 1/4 cup salt, Essential oils of choice (One should obviously
stay away from oils that could cause a serious problem to the skin, etc). If
color is desired food coloring or Kool-Aid powder work well. Kool-Aid also
comes in a nice color variety. :)

Mix all ingredients in a saucepan over medium heat. Stir until smooth.
Remove dough from the pan and knead until blended smooth. If you want
colors, add food coloring or a pinch of Kool-Aid now until the desired
color is made. Let cool. Now to make it aromatic, I roll the dough into a
ball and push a hole in it with my thumb. I then add a few drops of an
essential oil (usually 1-3 to start) and knead the dough thoroughly. Sniff.
Get everyone in the general vicinity to sniff. I find that everyones nose is
different in the sense of how strong things smell so I try and find a happy
medium. If the general consensus is I don't smell anything, or not much of
anything then you roll it up, push a hole in it and add another drop or
two. Keep doing this until you get the aroma you are looking for.

It is also interesting to observe which dough/s children choose to play
with at different times. One can do a blend or a single EO per color. Here
are some single EO's and color ideas that I like:
Brown--Benzoin, Patchouly, or Cedarwood
Orange--Orange or Bergamot
Yellow--Lemon or Lemongrass
Green--Pine or Clary Sage
Red--Palmarosa or Geranium
Purple--Lavender or Ylang Ylang
Light Blue--Rosemary or Eucalyptus
Dark Blue--Sandalwood or Lavender
Pink--Ylang Ylang or Grapefruit
White--Peppermint or Sweet Birch.

Lavender scented in a deep purple colored dough is wonderful!! I am
going to make small quantities and use them as office toys. Why sit and
squeeze a tennis ball or rub a worry stone etc, while on the phone when you
can squish, squeeze, roll, pinch, mash, and sniff play dough?! It must be
the kid in me.

For packaging the dough as a gift, you could put each aromatic dough in
a seperate zip lock baggie and label according to scent with the color of the
wording coordinating with the color of the dough. Leave the white one blank
it will give them something to think about. :) From there one could put all
the zip lock baggies into a decorative container. The plastic containers baby
wipes come in work well, old coffee cans, if you can get the smell out, etc.


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The Physical Cause of Disease

"The outer, physical causal factor in disease is a disturbance in the balance, the proportionate equilibrium of all those elements of which the human body is composed."

The Spiritual Cause of Disease

"If humankind lived according to a natural, inborn equilibrium, without following wherever their passions led, it is undeniable that diseases would no longer take the ascendant, nor diversify with such intensity. Man hath perversely continued to follow his lustful appetites, and he would not content himself with simple foods. He prepared for himself food that was composed of many ingredients, of substances differing one from the other. The result was the engendering of diseases both violent and diverse."

Two Methods of Healing

"There are two ways of healing sickness, material means & spiritual means. The first is by treatment of physicians; the second consisteth in prayers offered by the spiritual ones to God and in turning to Him. Both means should be used and practised. Illnesses which occur by reason of physical causes should be treated by doctors with medical remedies; those which are due to spiritual causes disappear through spiritual means."

"Disease is of two kinds, material and spiritual. For instance, a cut on the hand, if you pray for the cut to be healed, and do not stop its bleeding, you will not do much good; this needs a material remedy. Sometimes, if the nervous system is paralyzed through fear, a spiritual remedy is necessary. It often happens that sorrow makes one ill. That illness can be cured by spiritual means."

Healing through Diet

"When highly-skilled physicians shall fully examine this matter, thoroughly and perseveringly, it will be clearly seen that the incursion of disease is due to a disturbance in the relative amounts of the body's component substances, and that treatment consisteth in adjusting these relative amounts, and that this can be apprehended and made possible by means of foods. It is certain that in this wonderful new age the development of medical science will lead to the doctors' healing their patients with foods."

"When the science of medicine reaches perfection, treatment will be given by foods, aliments, fragrant fruits, and vegetables, and by various waters, hot and cold in temperature."


Eat Healthily

"In all matters moderation is desirable."

"Do not eat except when you are hungry."

"The food of the future will be fruit and grains. The time will come when meat will no longer be eaten. Our natural food is that which grows out of the ground. The people will gradually develop up to the condition of this natural food."

Avoid Drink and Drugs

"Experience hath shown how greatly the renouncing of smoking, of intoxicating drink, and of opium, conduceth to health and vigour, to the expansion and keenness of the mind and to bodily strength."

Be Happy

"In a large measure happiness keeps our health while depression of spirit begets disease."

The most necessary thing is contentment under all circumstances; by this one is preserved from morbid conditions and from lassitude. Yield not to grief and sorrow: they cause the greatest misery".

"We should all visit the sick. When they are in sorrow or suffering it is a real help and benefit to have a friend come. Happiness is a great healer to those who are ill."

Be Spiritual

"Matters related to man's spirit have a great effect on his bodily condition."

"Jealousy consumeth the body and anger doth burn the liver: avoid these two as you would a lion."


"The spirit of man is itself informed and strengthened during meditation. Through it he receives Divine inspiration, through it he receives heavenly food."

Use Your Health

"The bounty of good health is the greatest of all gifts."

"Between material things and spiritual things there is a connection. The more healthful his body the greater will be the power of the spirit of man, the power of the intellect, the power of the memory, the power of reflection will be greater."


Consult a Doctor

"Whenever ye fall ill, refer to competent physicians. Whatever the competent physicians or surgeons prescribe for a patient must be accepted and complied with.

"Treat disease through diet by preference, refraining from the use of drugs; and if you find what is required in a single herb, do not resort to a compounded medicament."

"Abstain from drugs when the health is good, but administer them when necessary."

Use Your Ill-Health

"Often physical sickness draws man nearer to his Maker, suffers his heart to be made empty of all worldly desires until it becomes tender and sympathetic towards all sufferers and compassionate to all creatures."


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Sore throat compress

1 quart hot water
2 drops clary sage
2 drops geranium
1 drop sandalwood

Pour hot water ino a 2 quart glass bowl and disperse the essential oils in the water, saturate a clean cloth in the water. Apply the compress to your throat as needed


8 oz. distilled water
2 drops lavender oil
1 drop rosemary
1 drop palmarosa oil

pour water into clean container and add essential oils. Shake to blend. Apply the toner to your skin with a cotton ball after cleansing. Shake well before each use.


1 oz jojoba oil
3 drops neroli
2 drops rose oil
2 drops sandalwood

blend jojoba oil and essential oils in clean container. Apply several drops to your face twice daily, after cleaning and toning


1 oz carrier oil
4 drops geranium
2 drops helichrysum
2 drops juniper
2 drops lavender
1 drop ginger

in a clean container add essential oils to carrier oil and blend well. Massage the blend over bruised area several times a day.


1 oz. distilled water
4 drops lavender
2 drops chamomile
2 drops orange
2 drops ylang ylang

Put water into spray bottle add oils and shake to blend. Spray the mixture on your pillow and sheets before bed. Shake very well before each use


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