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Hej Hej! Glad you stopped by!

This is the Host Page for Christel

...and Elon T. Pierson (Tom <G>)

Welcome to our Home Page!!

Velkommen til vores Hjemmeside!!



"It CAN happen for you!!"

(Not considered our "Best" picture together!<G>)

To meet us "individually"...

Click here for Christel and here for Elon


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...Now, about our involvement in the Forum/Web Site.

Our Mission

We wanted to do something to help increase the World's Spiritual Consciousness. We wanted a place, on the Web, where people can meet, and learn from one another. A place that would attract Experts, from many fields of interest, to help us study Sociology, Science, and Spiritualism. ...The three-in-one study of Humanity, The Physical, AND the Metaphysical, as ONE study. The study of LIFE.

As students ourselves, there is (I must admit) a tiny bit of self-interest involved, too. We enjoy the learning, and the camaraderie of everyone else who is learning, as well..


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Please come visit us, Chat (if we're on-line) or leave us a message, or E-mail us. We'd love to hear from you!

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