Historically Mystic Sites
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Eastern Hemisphere
Lost Civilizations

As with all History, this image takes a long time to unfold...

Historically Mystic Sites

The Sphinx and the Pyramids, Stonehenge, Avebury, Glastonbury and others. The structures of the Incas, the Aztec...their predecessors, the Oltec. The mounds of the American Indian. The Nazca Lines, and ancient "roads", under water, off the Bimini coast. .....Atlantis??? ....and what about that "face" on Mars...??? ....What are Ley Lines, anyway??
Come exploring with us, to help unravel the mysteries surrounding these, and other sites.

We would like to recommend the following site as a great resource of information, gathered from a personal quest by Martin Gray...
(Y'all come BACK now, y'hear? :-)

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Eastern Hemisphere

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Western Hemisphere

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Lost Civilizations

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