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Dimensional Doorways Forum

Your Hosts: Elon T. & Christel H. Pierson

Just "living", day to day, isn't enough for some of us.
So we find ourselves traveling hidden paths, seeing deeper meanings in things around us. In our quest for truth and love, beauty, joy, and meaning, (if we're lucky), we find ourselves knocking on a .....Dimensional Doorway.

Here, we find "like-minded" company. We share our experiences, our love for one another, ...and our compassion for the hardships of our journey. We learn, we teach, we grow, ...we find an Oasis, to rest for awhile, and, maybe, get directions, from someone else who's travelled here...

The questions, so difficult, the answers, even harder! The study, so vast, so diverse, do we tie it all together?? From Angels to UFO,s ...ESP to OBE, Astrology to Philosophy, .....and so much more.

The first step is through the Doorway. You don't have to knock, it's never locked, ...just come on in, and make yourself at home.

Sections are...

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Spiritual Insights
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