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"The Third Eye"


Before the written word, there were symbols (that *became* the written word), representations of an idea, a thought, a concept. These symbols have been interpreted as many things, by many people.

....Could the Crop Circles be merely symbolistic "language"??

What impact have symbols played in Earth's history?

Below, is one interpretation of the symbol used as the Logo for this section...


"The Third Eye?"

This symbol developed over a three year period in my life. It started out to be a triangle, with a Yin-Yang in the center. I added the inverted (Yang) triangle sometime later. I then enclosed it in a circle to connect all the points of the triangles. Before long, the symbols for Man, Woman, and Earth, were put in the Yin triangle, and Birth, Death, and Infinity, were put in the Yang triangle. Then, years later, I added the Yin-Yang "cones" to the sides, thinking of the connection between this ONE dimension and all the others, this ONE PERSON, and all the others.... All of a sudden, my "third eye" was staring at me.

Then I spent the next 25 years looking at it, and wondering at the simple, yet, somehow, ...complete, feeling I got from it.

It all started in the Yin and the Yang, the Original Thought, the universal beginning of TIME. The "Godhead", Universal Consciousness, All that IS...

When "GOD" separated herself, so that he could experience what it was, then, what we perceive as reality, manifested itself. ...Hence the Yin-Yang "SUN", ...or the, "let there be light", principle (Big Bang). All of the reality we perceive has stemmed from this light, yet, it is also the source of our blindness, our inability to perceive that which is BEYOND the light. It "disguises" God, and OUR part of ALL THAT IS.

In one triangle is Man, separate from Woman, who is separate from Man, and Earth, which is their domain, over which they have dominion (just a reminder...), separate, yet all sharing the "same experience"....

In the other triangle is Birth and Death, the infinite cycle. Energy, flowing from one state to another, without awareness of where it's been, or where it goes, but it flows forever, never created nor destroyed, only changed. Connected to (yet apart from) the other triangle, they depend on each other for existence.

This, then, is the basics of our existence. All the rest is just trivial confusions in the search for truth.

But then, this is only one of the "LINKS" in a chain. A link that all the links connect to, and they connect to every other link in the chain.

For we each have our own concept of our Universe, and how things work, and why... and NONE of us is WRONG. So, it is all things, to all people. All have the same Energy within them, and the sum total of all our energies ....IS GOD.

It is the dichotomy of the seeming duality of things, when, in reality, it is a Triune Universe we experience. ....A reminder to keep an open mind and an open heart, to feed our souls, and allow them to grow as they must.

Of course, you may see something less, or something more... Because, after all, it's not really MY symbol, it's OUR symbol.

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Elon T. Pierson

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