New Energy Ways (NEW)

Developing your Energy Body Safely and Effectively
for Psychic Development and Healing

Robert Bruce.

Edited, Revised, Rewritten and Defaced by Donni Hakanson

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Lesson 5A

Raising Energy with Breathing

This is where you start putting everything you have learnt into practice and begin raising and storing energy with a full-body circuit. This circuit will stimulate the entire energy body, using the above two energy raising techniques. This steadily increases energetic flow and vitality levels while causing widespread bio-energetic development in a safe and progressive way.
Breathing creates a natural motion within the energy body: that of something flowing into it, and out of it – a natural upwards and downwards, inwards and outwards motion. Breathing combined with energy raising gives a natural rhythm, creating regular pulses throughout the entire energy body. The natural momentum created by this also makes the exercises easier to do.
Arms & Legs:

If you are just starting out with these exercises, the first step is to loosen up and stimulate your feet, legs, hands and arms.  Repeat the above two sections on basic arm and leg energy raising  (referring to earlier sections as needed) until you get some energy movement sensations.  If nothing is felt, however, continue with the following exercises anyway.  Energy will still be drawn into your energy body and stored, even if nothing is actually felt.  This process also helps stimulate inactive areas into greater activity. 
Full Body Storage Circuits:
The two part storage circuit and the full body storage circuit are described here. You might prefer to practice one before moving onto the next. For this reason, this lesson is divided into two parts.
Two Part Storage Circuit:

The Two Part storage circuit is a simple procedure designed to take arm and leg energy directly into the Sub-Navel storage centre.  This soon develops a natural rhythm, making it easier to continue for lengthy periods of time.  Feel free to vary the positions of your arms and legs to whatever feels most natural to you.  This circuit can be done while sitting, lying down, standing or even while walking and running, but is best learned while lying down with arms spread wide or extended above your head. 

I like to use this circuit when I am raising energy outside, e.g., while watching a sunrise or sunset.  I find there are larger than normal amounts of available energy at these times, as well as in other beautiful natural settings; although this observation may be entirely subjective.  If I am alone, I usually stand with legs and arms wide, eyes closed, and feel for the wind with my hands, and then for the Earth under my feet, as I raise energy into myself.  The only caution here is that large amounts of energy can make you a little dizzy while standing in this position, especially if your eyes are closed.  I have staggered and almost fallen over several times while doing this, so please be careful.

  • Use The Basic Leg & Arm Energy Raising Techniques, as given above, for the below circuit.

1. Before IN breath, centre awareness in feet.
2. During the whole IN breath, raise energy up legs, and flow it into Sub-Navel.
3. Continue flowing energy into Sub-Navel until IN breath is completely finished.
4. When the IN breath finishes flick awareness instantly into hands
5. As OUT breath starts draw energy through arms, down chest, and into Sub-Navel.
6. Continue flowing energy into Sub-Navel until OUT breath is finished.
7. At the end of the OUT breath flick awareness back to feet again.
8. Repeat above steps 1 - 7 continually, settling into a relaxed, natural rhythm.
9. IN and OUT can be reversed for the above sequence, if preferred.
10.   If you cannot split awareness, alternate legs and arms, using one limbs at a time.

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