New Energy Ways (NEW)

Developing your Energy Body Safely and Effectively
for Psychic Development and Healing

Robert Bruce.

Edited, Revised, Rewritten and Defaced by Donni Hakanson

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*** Robert Bruce's magnum opus 'Astral Dynamics' published by Hampton Roads of Virginia, USA, Nov/99 is now available.  For more details, excerpts, reviews and a peek at the  cover log onto Robert's website.  Autographed copies are also available online.

*** Parts 7 and 8 of the Treatise are now available online, along with lots of new articles, and features, including the long-awaited 'NEW Energy Ways' tutorial.

*** The author's current major project is called "Practical Psychic Self-Defense."    This book is scheduled for release by Hampton Roads in the fall of 2001.

Publishers:   Hampton Roads Publishing Company Inc. VA, USA.
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